Lights From The Gutter Vol​.​2

by Slap The Culture

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3 Way split with Local Altra / Ragga Skate
July 2012


released October 5, 2014

Cock Suck Records



all rights reserved


Slap the Culture 大阪市, Japan

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Track Name: Discriminate
When can I have a definite answer?
Empty floor
ignorant people
what can I do?
Lose contact with you said unity for the fucking scene
Many people go through my shadow
I should grab the sleeve of your arm and beat it to death

I’ve got the fucking discrimination.
Nobody take me because they want profit and authority

Buttering up the band and made a scene under the rule of you
But you are afraid of your fake mask is coming loose and falling only I know

Outcast in this fucking scene
The system only fellow bands can play

I can see a very large graveyard spread before me
You make a fool of hardcore
There too many bands without belief
Go home and fuck yourself!!

I’ve got the fucking discrimination.
What is the real?
what is the unity?
Track Name: Breeding Waste
You talk
your lies
your acts
your attitude
All of you are waste
discharge time and money
You have no brain
you don’t know your contradiction

Breeding waste
fucking garbage
you are waste

You’ll never get my trust
you’re full of lies
You’re just fuck around
You must depreciate your value
Laugh at the cheesehead
who waste his time

Breeding waste
not for me
bloody murder
Track Name: C.I.T.Y/You Jerk A Person Around
Place where nervous temperament gathers
Demand stimulation and peace of mind
City makes me crazy
loneliness and corrupt

The chain leads to an ankle
suicide makes a dive from a building
The worker who lost their purpose

But we can’t leave the city
The contradiction of modern man
Into the gray world
mind control

I don’t play for you
I don’t wanna see you
The mare sight of you makes me sick
You easily say that let’s make a scene
Such a fucking hypocrite
don’t talk about hardcore anymore
Stupidity can’t understand it
You jerk a person around
Party’s over get out of here
Track Name: Society Line
Don’t talk anymore
You don’t need to know anything
You can’t know anything
don’t need to doubt anything
should be controlled

Lose it for getting desire
Become an ant
a machine
abandon feeling
Society line
going to despair
society fucking line

Don’t keep it real
fake and confusion
No doubt about everything
can you realize the damage?

In control
give an illusion
We’re already stood the line
society fucking line
Track Name: Living Dead
Lose your mind
you’re gonna take the shit or something
Close your fucking mouth
why did you suck a profit?
Finally, realize yourself in a mirror
Kill each other in the station without feeling
Fall apart
they draw into the basement
Dance with the living dead all night long
You’ve already got a final result
Don’t look back or you’ll fall down to the dark floor of hell
A corpse without a head comes back from a grave
I hope that you’ll be free this weekend